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What would you do if you started again knowing what you do? Spoilers.

2021.12.04 02:34 Drgnfst What would you do if you started again knowing what you do? Spoilers.

First post on the Sekiro board hello fellow Shinobi
Back story:
I got the purification ending on my first playthrough when the game launched.
I didn't really appreciate the mechanics and went back to Bloodborne and Nioh, then spent a long time with Nioh 2.
I fluttered with ghost of Tsushima and got part way through the second island but wasn't digging it as much as Nioh 2 (loved the story found combat clunky need more time I guess) so thought, you know what I'm gonna do another run through Sekiro.
After learning the controls again and getting a feel for the mechanics I have to admit, it's 'almost' an amalgamation of Nioh and Ghost but with that From Software eye for story.
I have a new found respect and interest for Sekiro again.
With that in mind I got the Shuriken, firecracker, axe and flame vent before the first general as I knew what I was looking for and he was a breeze.
Then armed with skills in mikiri counter and shinobi eyes I took out the spear man in hirata estate.
Went and set the ogre on fire and defeated the next general before going to ring the bell demon and farm some more skill points in hirata estate with an extra vitality stat from 4 prayer beads.
Farmed hirata for more skills used mibu coin of wealth for more gold and Bell demon and mibu possession gives higher drop rate for rare items eventually got enough to upgrade firecracker, flame vent, Shuriken and axe in one go
Bought a fuck ton of spirit emblems
Punked a fight and ran if had one health bar taken away - hate losing coin and xp.
Ran past the snake, killed the horseman.
Got the prosthetic upgrade tool, got the good seed from the merchant, got the other prayer bead and ishina text
Upgraded Shuriken prosthetic got Ichimonji
More farm on hirata for health on deathblow
Killed bull.
Got spear, sabimaru and umbrella prosthetics.
Got a further two prayer bead necklaces from general, spearman, longswordsman, chest, juzoo drunkard, other chest, sword ashina double attack guy.
Ran to the depths of asahina to get scrap magnetite pick ups.
If I kill The lightning guy Ginchiyo Genchiro, fuzzy with his name it changes the time of day if I remember right so what else should I farm before this as spirit emblems and prices increase after this event iirc.
I just killed lady butterfly and have 3 attack and 13 vitality.
Also have ichimonji double, floating passage
I use Nioh style mechanics and combat style, eg I set the enemy on fire with oil and flame vent then while they're staggered I unload sabimaru until they're poisoned and the wail on then with charge axe attacks into fang and blade. Kinda like confusion mechanic and ki break tactics from Nioh.
Alot of bosses posture melts under this pressure. Me likey.
Too long didn't read TLDR:
What have I missed?
Is there any other gord seeds ( I have 6 in the flask) or necklaces or other areas I can access without fighting Genchiro and are there any other Shinobi out there who could guide me?
I haven't fought headless or the other guy that uses terror in the depths although I know where they are.
I was thinking of farming a bit more to get more skills and money to buy supplies like ungo sugar and pacifying agent before fighting the spirit enemies any advice would be helpful.
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2021.12.04 02:34 mapspearson President Kanes (sp?) speech from the White House at the end of season 7…

I got chills watching it, and the relevance it holds true to today. Anyone else doing a rewatch at the moment?
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2021.12.04 02:34 Arch_Gee I have created the most powerful (infantry) unit in Humankind history up to this point. 130 combat strength, 11 movement speed. I didn't have to go this far to win the game, but...it was fun. No mod was applied.

I have created the most powerful (infantry) unit in Humankind history up to this point. 130 combat strength, 11 movement speed. I didn't have to go this far to win the game, but...it was fun. No mod was applied. submitted by Arch_Gee to HumankindTheGame [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 02:34 oppa2604 Minju

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2021.12.04 02:34 Stephane7475 [Repost][Academic] Role of Emotion Regulation in Panic Disorder (people suffering from Panic Disorder, Panic Attacks and 18+)

Hello Everyone,
I’m conducting a PhD study on the behalf of Paris Nanterre University. The objective is to try to understand the role of emotion management and several cognitive and emotional vulnerability factors in the development and maintenance of Panic Disorder. This survey will take 15 min.
If you are suffering from panic disorder or panic attacks, the survey is anonymous and is available in English: https://forms.gle/fCkZCDc8jXe7pLnp6 and in French in https://forms.gle/XMFaLLMtuRWmAe3CA
Once the questionnaire completed, you can freely download a Guidebook on how to better manage your panic attacks.
Please reach out to me via email if you need more information about panic disorder: [40015979@parisnanterre.fr](mailto:40015979@parisnanterre.fr)
Thanks in advance for your support
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2021.12.04 02:34 joshfilipovic Hedera on sale pack your bags because it’s normal to pull back a slingshot before it shoots for the moon

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2021.12.04 02:34 bigpoppajoe80 back in my day

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2021.12.04 02:34 ZombieWaala Sambit Patra is not the only Doctor

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2021.12.04 02:34 lil_scolly Buying the dip

Please remember when buying now to buy less more frequently if possible. Averaging the prices of your coins is far less risky in the long term
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2021.12.04 02:34 smallsoylatte Been thinking of starting a zine

Title sums it up. I have never done anything like it before. I enjoy writing, photography, painting in a novice way.
Any of my fellow ladies have resources they could share? I feel intimidated with where to start. I think this will be a good creative outlet for me.
Any responses appreciated
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2021.12.04 02:34 SOVRDIESEL So into him I feel sick?

There’s this guy that in not sure if I like him I’m just really attracted to him, but one he’s older than me plus we don’t talk just occasionally make eye contact. But back to the point today I decided to follow him on Instagram and every time I got a notification I hoped it was him with at least a follow back but I haven’t gotten one. But after think about him more I started feeling a bit anxious and a bit lightheaded and nauseous. I keep on having him pop up in my dreams even if it’s just someone I pass walking by, and when I walk by in the dream I want his attention. In real life I want his attention what does this mean ?? Pls help I feel so lost and confused
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2021.12.04 02:34 halincan Halp, lost ship!

So, I haven’t progressed to having a freighter. I have a beater ship I repaired to haul loot, and my main ship. I went off to explore on foot, and didn’t charge my main one. So after getting far away, I couldn’t recall it….I can only summon broken ships I’ve claimed. Is my main ship lost?
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2021.12.04 02:34 roadcyclist Terribly slow connection

I have a GL-AR300M / openwrt router that runs a wireguard server on the west coast. The client macOS is on the east coast. Both client and server are on a 50 Mbps connection.
When I connect to wireguard, speedtest stays below 3 Mbps, up and down.
Things I've tried: - I'm using default MTU of 1420 but I tried reducing to 1280 without success. - Changed UDP port to 1194 in case there is ISP throttling on less common ports - I monitored CPU usage but it's not high
Any pointers on what else to try? Thanks for any help.
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2021.12.04 02:34 biggestblueballs I feel like my house isn’t my house

My fiancé and I both work fulltime and his mom watches baby once a week, sometimes twice. I appreciate her watching baby and she loves baby so much… but she doesn’t understand our house and how we live. A little back ground might help.. my fiancés parents house is an absolute mess, they have dogs pee on the floor and never deep clean anything. Their idea of cleaning is moving junk from one room in the house to the other. Their house when you walk in smells so thick of ammonia and whatever else could be growing in the walls. She has made comments about me being particular. I do admit I like things a certain way (who doesn’t?) I have certain spots I like to put babies towels in her room and when I hang up babies clothes I like to group all her PJs together. I’m an organized person. I’m frustrated over her coming into our home and judging me and making comments about me being particular because I have a certain way of doing things. I have wash cloths for our body, and cute hand towels for drying our hands on. She has ruined one white towel and a face cloth by using it on our dishes. I told my fiancé that these towels aren’t dish towels. Today when I came home from work he accused me of “nitpicking” his mom and said I look for things to get upset at her about. In reality, I understand she doesn’t live in our house and that learning the way we live is a learning experience that needs to be taught. He thinks I need to just appreciate her for taking care of baby. I’m so beyond frustrated. Yesterday she asked if she has “permission” to shower at our house since we are worried about germs. I am by no means overly worried about germs, but I prefer to only have baby bathe in the downstairs tub and myself and everyone else showers upstairs. I think it’s gross if a baby takes a bath where people have washed their buttholes and cleaning the tub often is annoying. These side comments are frustrating me and I feel like my fiancé is easily convinced that I’m abnormal.
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2021.12.04 02:34 HempinAintEasy Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength: Mulligan’s Wine & Spirits OBSK

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2021.12.04 02:34 LiShDranthon Here's a better look at the urban tracker concept design i made

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2021.12.04 02:34 Adventurous-Judge-29 The dropped the hammer on my ass!

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2021.12.04 02:34 natemace What is your favorite IASIP line to quote despite no one around you knowing what you’re referencing?

Mine has got to be from the first episode when Mac is watching the college students playing chess and they are all hyped up having a good time, and Mac says “Absolutely” and they all stop and look at him. The delivery is flawless and makes me laugh every time but it’s not worth explaining to anyone else why I think it’s so funny that I said “absolutely”
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2021.12.04 02:34 Straight-Project-709 Here she blows be rdy

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2021.12.04 02:34 Iron_Knight7 "See This Pose Taker I Can Do It Better Than Lucy"

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2021.12.04 02:34 Plus-Tax4480 354mg DXM

Will Update this all night during my trip! Took 2 edibles around 9pm will kick in at 10pm thats when Ill dose CVS Tussin 354mg Dxm total. Ill take 2 more edibles 20mg each to kick in within a hour along with the dxm! Might smoke my cart but we’ll see! Ill keep yall updated stop by n chat dosing in 30 min!
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2021.12.04 02:34 michyeo31 211204 fromis_9 Twitter Update

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2021.12.04 02:34 Hav3rmeyer Better not lose the remote

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2021.12.04 02:34 xexcelexcelx Get you a boi, that can do both 😜😘

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2021.12.04 02:34 UltimateFree01 If Super Smash Bros have Clubs, what clubs would they have? (beside the anime swordfighter club)

With 89 characters I figure I would have more ideas for clubs in smash. So far I have the anime sword fighter club, the fitness club, fight club, and photography club. Anyone have any more fun ideas.
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