Astronaut Morrison from "Soyuz-Apollo"

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2021.12.04 01:59 CmdrShepN72154 Astronaut Morrison from "Soyuz-Apollo"

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2021.12.04 01:59 ZeroLikeSiro ICP, going long now.

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2021.12.04 01:59 moneyshake10 [Lore spoilers] What would be a soul crusher of an ending for one of the future seasons of Arcane?

Personally, I feel as though some sort of Karthus ultimate on an entire region (Noxus, piltover, demacia, etc.) despite magic defenses for each person, but karthus gets mega buffed somehow and eats through the shields easily, killing all of one population, champions included, most of who aren’t in other regions at the moment. Extra oof points if Ekko is somehow particularly resilient to Karthus’s ult and survives 5 of them before succumbing to the last one nonetheless.
Any other ideas that would narratively hurt a lot but also make for a memorable story plot/ending? Potentially series ending, only season ending, etc.
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2021.12.04 01:59 priyank018 [TASK] Scrap a website and compile results in excel file. USD 20

Will require you to provide an excel sheet from a website
Data: 1. Field A

  1. Field B
  2. Field C
Task is should not be too complicated. You will need an Microsoft excel or similar program along with python for scraping.
An excel will be sent to you (with clickable url, information about the fields that need to be scraped) which will direct you to site with the different entries. You will need to scrap the website into an excel sheet along with all fields.
I will need the excel sheet and python source code for scraping.
DM me if you need further information
Payment through paypal.
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2021.12.04 01:59 faeeline Hello, hello!

I would like to get your opinion on my videos 😌I'm doing this for class but I'm enjoying everything so far. Thank you so much!
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2021.12.04 01:59 No-Professional-4710 [QUESTION] Which guitar and from which “year” should I get.

Alright, so I plan to purchase a Squier guitar from the classic vibe series. I’m leaning towards getting a Stratocaster, but also want to try a telecaster.
I have a Squier standard Stratocaster right now from the electric guitar package bundle. I have upgraded my cables and bought a fender mustang amp. Just need a new guitar.
I was wondering if I should get the 50s, 60s, or 70s Stratocaster or if I should give the 50s telecaster a shot. I plan to mod it in the future.
My style of play is mostly clean. I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers tone, which is what I mostly play.
Any suggestions or advice? Thanks
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2021.12.04 01:59 FightingMachine44 What if…… nukes? What if….. sequel?

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2021.12.04 01:59 therealmacjeezy Started playing GoW three years ago and took this awesome photo. I can’t WAIT for Ragnarök!

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2021.12.04 01:59 UltimateDiscordMod Smokers, what do you think of smoking ads?

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2021.12.04 01:59 TyDomMan Using the Lerp function troubleshooting

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2021.12.04 01:59 Billy_Moon Old school photobooth in Sydney?

Hi all, I remember there was a photobooth at Broadway shopping centre a while back (the ones where the booth pops out a strip of black and white of coloured pics). Does anyone know whether Broadway shopping centre still has one? Or anywhere else in Sydney city or inner west?
Any pointers most appreciated!
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2021.12.04 01:59 Cobra4152020 Sonic Bytes Whitelist Presale

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2021.12.04 01:59 CadeCummingham Alperen Sengun has the 3rd most assists ever for a rookie center through 21 games. He only plays 18 MPG

He has played 21 games this season and has 57 assists.
Only two centers with more assists are Chris Webber and Brad Daughtery. They both played over 30 MPG, Alperen Sengun only plays 18 MPG.
He’s averaging 2.7 APG this season. Only big men to average more are Bam Adebayo, KAT, Jokic, Vucevic, Embiid, Horford and Plumlee. These guys all play 24+ MPG
He’s been so good this season for a rookie
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2021.12.04 01:59 Substantial-Yam-3706 I don't deserve this

I work in a government agency. In my sixth month of stay, I was promoted to a higher position with a higher salary in a different unit. I was super happy in my previous unit, so when I was asked about the promotion, I initially said no. However, they asked for the second time and said that I'm somewhat doing the job already, so why not get the one with higher salary. Well at that moment, I said yes because I really wanted to help that unit. I still went in the same application process. Finally, I got promoted. That's when my life turned upside down. I know that the unit I'm transferring into has a lot of problems but I did not expect the problems to be so out of hand already. In my first week, I cried a lot. There were no official orientations or trainings. I just self-studied to be able to cope. I was in the verge of resigning at that time but my chief said that I could be the one who will be hired for the permanent position that I also applied for. And so, I was able to continue. However, hearsays say that I will not get the permanent position because the decision maker doesn't like me. So, I am now thinking of not renewing my contract because my mental health is now being affected. I'm trying to work but it seems like I'm not accomplishing anything. It also frustrates me to my core that I need to solve the problems that were left by the previous lead because he did not do his job. Why do I have to suffer because of someone's incompetency? My colleagues and chief say that we're all in this together. But let's be honest. When it's blaming time, it'll be the lead who will be blamed, not the staff who were there before me and are aware of all these problems. I am now afraid of what the future would look like. I do not want to have a long unemployment gap. I'm scared that it will take a long time again before I can find another job. I want to believe that I am doing the right thing. I want to save myself from this. To whoever will read until this part, pls pray for me.
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2021.12.04 01:59 Kurt_Owen_082905 💀💀💀

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2021.12.04 01:59 Freefolkcanuck The horde begins!

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2021.12.04 01:59 superstrikes1999 Hardik Pandya’s replacement in making

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2021.12.04 01:59 No_Celebration3973 What if manbagi didn’t join the second year class that Komi And tadano join.

I am just curious what you guys come up with, would Komi and tadano confess earlier? Go wild in the comments.
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2021.12.04 01:59 Marvellis55 Why is jasmy dropping soo much?

Any reason other than Bitcoin?
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2021.12.04 01:59 jonnyhell Xbox Pontiff help

Need help with Sully! Pw 123 at The chapel
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2021.12.04 01:59 Reasonable_Type_1233 Me: shudders thinking abt the blunders I have done

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2021.12.04 01:59 timelostrest My ADA was sent to mysterious address

I created my first ever Yoroi wallet. I sent ADA from my Kracken account to this new wallet. I copied the address from Yoroi under 'receive' and pasted it in Kraken. The transaction was a success but my ADA never arrived. On Cardanoscan it shows my ADA going into the address that I used but this address doesn't match my Yoroi address. My wallet shows no transactions. The address where my ADA was sent has 24 transcations and definitely isn't mine. Did I lose my ADA?
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2021.12.04 01:59 WimpsOnWallStreet Gretzky collection. No particular order. Like a fool I sold his RC last year when I was running low on funds, thinking I could buy one back once my job came back…let’s just say last time I looked it tripled in value. Learned a hard lesson. Enjoy!

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2021.12.04 01:59 Lobear211 Best order for his jutsu on defence?

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2021.12.04 01:59 Jokis_malokis Do any of these fuckers…

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