Los cisnes negros que podrían poner a la economía mundial patas arriba en 2022

2021.12.04 02:12 vlewy Los cisnes negros que podrían poner a la economía mundial patas arriba en 2022

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2021.12.04 02:12 boredsparrow Baby hears for the first time and his reaction is priceless [2 views]

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2021.12.04 02:12 Dgstowe Life of Dgstowe #4

This ones a bit shorter than usual, because I didn't really do much, although I forgot to mention that the odd twitch in my leg came back a couple times today, still don't know about it lmfao.

11:00 AM: finally got the energy to peel myself out of bed, not that I just woke up, in fact the first time I woke up was at 5:45... I've got a lot of stuff to do today, gotta write the rough draft of a research paper, and I also might clean up my room a tiny bit just to keep my mind from wandering too much. I'm feeling sick to my stomach again though, idk if I'm actually sick, of if its just a side effect of breaking up.
12:30 PM: Just got done with lunch, took the recycle bin in from the road, and am now ready to hammer out this rough draft, I've also got an amazon package coming soon, some Krytox 205g0 for keyboard use.
1:30 PM: alright I got about halfway done with the draft, gonna spend some time cleaning up in my room, because I need to be able to accommodate a larger desk
2:30 PM: I got a bit of stuff moved around. But I don't want top go back to working on the draft rn, so I'm probably gonna play some more BeamNG, because I didn't really get to check it out too well yesterday.
5:15 PM: I was played Minecraft, then went and ran some errands with my brother, we just got back.
9:00 PM: welp I've forgotten to make an update, finished dinner about an hour ago and spent an hour playing Minecraft, trying to make a door. It didn't work
10:00 PM: I uh... I spent another hour working on it... it still doesn't work like I wanted :(
11:00 PM: Well, its about time to post todays summary, I played osu for about a half hour, then worked out for about to minutes, because I'm a pussy who can't do exercise, and took a shower.
As always, ill be awake for a little bit after this post goes up, so feel free to ask any questions you have

Till next time :)
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2021.12.04 02:12 my_selektion I need to find a few clones a home! If you can help hmu! 🙏

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2021.12.04 02:11 Foreign-Gene-3247 tips

can i have some tips on how to win racing or competition daily challenges? every time i do one of them, i lose by a second.
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2021.12.04 02:11 Nivlacart I can’t convince my friends to keep playing :(

I’ve just made it to Heavensward. My friends have each bought a story skip and played through the story while skipping through every cutscene, and both usually rely on me to paraphrase the story for them. Now they both seem kinda bored of the game and don’t intend to renew their subs.
They feel that they just play the game to do the checklist of quests and that’s it. I’m not sure how or if I can convince them to keep playing and I’m sad. They’ll probably find another multiplayer game for us to play together and I’ll have less time for FF14. Is there any advice you guys have for convincing your reluctant friends?
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2021.12.04 02:11 dannybakaa Put Jack through an ai and the results are horrifying

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2021.12.04 02:11 manokNaHubad11 Youtube, puta balik nyo na visibility ng dislikes.

Ano ba, papanget ng napapanood kong tutorials wala man lang matinong guage yung iba naka off pa yung comments, tarages.
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2021.12.04 02:11 riven3k PSA: TDs getting stock directly from VSF again. Sounds like they are back?

Eric confirmed yesterday that he is getting stock directly from VSF again. He said to check back on models and pricing. As far as I know this is the first time a TD has basically confirmed the return of VSF.
He also said he did not buy any subs recently because it wasn't directly from VSF, which is consistent with how he didn't sell any.
In terms of VSF stocks, sounds like JTime is gettjng some too. And HONT is already selling them.
I feel optimistic about their return.
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2021.12.04 02:11 Wilder_Weigh Draw my Future Crime Boss?

Can someone draw him based on this description?
Leont "Flintlock" Whitlock has warm ivory skin, is 5' 4'' with a lean build, and has a narrow, square face shape. His left ear is mangled - intact enough that he can still hear from it, but it doesn't look pretty uncovered - when it was blown off in the fight between him and his late older brother (he won, and earned his nickname that way). He is currently in his mid-twenties, has silver-ish pale blonde hair that is short and swept to the left, heavy eyebrows, amber eyes, slightly broad nose. His brows are usually kept furrowed, and he bears a constant serious, neutral, or unimpressed expression. He wears suits all the time, sticking with colors on the green and yellow side of the spectrum, among black and grey of course (never white suits). He keeps his lucky flintlock on his person, holstered on his lower back, always kept under his suit jacket. On his belt, he has a rapier - clearly used but he keeps it clean.
I appreciate it if anyone is willing to give this a shot!
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2021.12.04 02:11 Timeforbed807 Can I ask my neighbour to clean up their dog poo?

My neighbours house is very close and it’s obvious their dogs shits down the side of the house because we can smell it. It coming into summer now and that it making the smell worse. We can’t open our bathroom window because the smell wafts in and through to our bedroom. We can’t use our clothes line because it makes everything smell like dog shit.
I have her number in my phone as I previously had to ask her to fill in the massive holes her dog had dug under the fence onto our side. I just don’t know how to politely ask someone to pick up dog shit lol
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2021.12.04 02:11 brokenleftearbud A flork inspired TikTok!

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2021.12.04 02:11 jaayyymi Today is my boyfriend's bday, this is the cake I made him <3 not a professional just wanted to give it a try ! reupload sorry

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2021.12.04 02:11 mynameisnotkevin Question for my OG D24 peeps

Does anyone know how to reach the "old” system for ordering paint? There’s been a couple of days where the internet goes down and One Paint takes for ever to put an order through but yesterday I accidentally managed to get the older version to pop up and it worked great with no lag but now I can’t recreate it. Anybody know how to do it??
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2021.12.04 02:11 MeltingPenguinsPrime The Edgelord

This happened to a friend of mine, and I'm posting with permission.
So, the group had this one stereotypical 'edgelord murderhobo' player (let's call him Edgey), brooding, dark backstory, kills for the fun of it and at the slightest perceive sleight etc and all, every campaign. Not as much a 'that guy' as some other cases, but, well, typically obnoxious. In the campaign in question, his backstory included that he watched his parents die, and is set for revenge and it's the burning rage over that that drives him to kill without remorse and indiscriminately etc.
Now, the party is looking into the rumors of a doomsday artefact being assembled somewhere. Edgey throws some stones in their path due to him being, well, him (for shits and giggles as it's apparently commonly the case). One morning they arrive in a small town near a forest they had made camp in the night prior, and find that no one there knows of the npc they are looking for at the time. Or maybe pretend to not know, as the whole town is very strange overall.
The party tries to make sense of it, keeping edgey from just killing people somehow, but there's still enough trouble for them to better leave the town. A storm breaks loose and they come to a small house at the edge of town, trying to ask for shelter. the man living there chews them out for he has heard about what they did, making it abundantly clear that they are not welcome. Edgey, naturally, snaps, attacking the guy and his wife, killing both before the party can really react. Edgey moves to launch into a speech to defend himself when the party calls him out IC when he spots a little boy, looking at him with terror from his hiding spot, before running out of the house and into the night. Member by member the party catches on what happened...
They've timetravelled, and Edgey just killed his own parents.
(Friend said there was a birthmark involved the DM 'tricked' edgey into putting on his character because 'special').
Edgey is pissed, and ragequits the sessions. BUT a few days after he actually contacts the DM. Now, one would expect there to be rage and ranting, but instead Edgey asks how he can fix this. DM tell him to think about what happened and why. And Edgey... actually takes that advise to heart, talking to the others as well, before coming back to the DM with an idea. Next session rolls around, and the characters are now out to find a way back home and find out more about the artefact and maybe manipulate it's assembly. A few sessions later, the party manages to find a way back home... and finds themself back at where the adventure started. They write it off as the spell being not all too accurate, but it's fine, even if they have to start things from the start, sort of. They are a little miffed, but fine with it as it should allow to not make some mistakes they made before. Then they notice that edgey isn't with them, but instead edgey's player rolled another character. It's revealed that despite everything edgey had been true about loving his parents and wanting revenge, so the first time they returned they did so the night they fell asleep in the forest (and the ruins of some old god of time temple or something?) and edgey... killed his other self, rewriting the timeloop. So the others returned into a slightly different timeline, with Edgey now very different as he never witnessed his parents being killed. There's still a doomsday device to be stopped, though.
so, tl;dr: DM decides to teach a repetative edgelord a lesson, edgelord actually takes it to heart and becomes a better person.
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2021.12.04 02:11 hslut4mstuds Muslim Mardo K Liye Morning Dose

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2021.12.04 02:11 Ibrowsethereddits LPT The effort it takes to prevent the problem is normally less than the effort to fix the problem

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2021.12.04 02:11 pdxfreeway 7.5 mg oxy 😍

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2021.12.04 02:11 luiel_25 Feeling bored - have no friends.

Hello guys.
I live in a small town with my boyfriend, we enjoy doing things together but we would also like to have friends to hang out. We used to have a few friends but we're not really hanging out with them lately (some of them moved somewhere else, some of them are busy now)
Do you have any advice to meet new people with similar interests?
(There's no many social groups in here, and no many places for people to hang out except for restaurants )
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2021.12.04 02:11 AltAccount01010102 Who wants to give a gal some tough love to end my FWB situation?!

Honestly, I know in the depths of my soul that I need to end this thing, but no matter what, I find myself going back to him. I need some perspective and tough love to put the final nail in the coffin please.
For context, I have been with my FWB for a year. I genuinely love hanging out with him. We’ve vacationed together. I’ve meet his friends and family, and have become close with them as well. We have amazing sex. We spend a ton of time together. We have, very unfortunately, drunkenly said I love you to each other.
Naturally, I have fallen for him. I have told him this and he says he doesn’t want to lose me, but we’re not compatible long term. Not sure how we aren’t, as he won’t go into detail.
If I’m being honest, I know he never has or ever will give me a fair shot to be more than a FWB. His friends say he has always been like this. Never had a serious girlfriend. They constantly question why we’re not official. It’s embarrassing. Regardless, I try to be there for him. I try to offer support. I encourage him. I let him know that he is enough. In the end, his response is always, “I just can’t”.
At this point, I know I have to detach. I feel like crap about myself. I’m know that I’m a beautiful, fun, and confident woman; it took me a long time to get to that place. But he’s making me feel not great lately. Like I’m not enough. I have other men interested in me, but I cant fully commit to them because of my FWB. I can’t continue putting effort into something I’m not sure I’m getting much out of anymore.
It sucks because I still desperately care for him. I do believe he genuinely cares for me as well. And so I find it really, really hard to not continue things with him.
I think I need a swift kick in the ass from you folks to move my life along. Share your thoughts or roasts.
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2021.12.04 02:11 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $5.49 Funny Novelty Coffee Mug!!

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2021.12.04 02:11 salty_pineapple_ Do I need to be worried about a small 'hard to touch' and 'sore when pressed' area in the heel of my foot? Possibility of a splinter stuck inside the skin?

Basically about a month ago, I noticed some discomfort while walking barefoot in the house. There was a very tiny hole in the heel of my foot (in the tough skinned part of the foot, where there are cracked heels) and the area around it was hard and sore to touch.
I put a torch to it and pressed around but couldn't see anything in it so I thought it was just a puncture wound from stepping on a thorn or something.
It didn't hurt at all if I was wearing slippers or shoes. So I pretty much forgot about it.
Today I was walking barefoot again and noticed the discomfort again and realised that the hole had healed but the area was still hard and sore to touch.
Should I be worried? My parents are saying it's gonna be fine on it's own and that it's just taking longer to heal because the skin is tough around there.
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2021.12.04 02:11 Trintydxd From imagination, by me.

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2021.12.04 02:11 Powatokaa PvP battle after boss waves

I’ve been seeing some activity from the devs on this sub and that’s really amazing in itself. I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank them for bringing this game to life, just getting to play it feels awesome. I also wanted to make a post to see how the community would like a PvP battle after the boss waves.
Personally I really liked seeing how my whole team held up against the enemy team in a straight up PvP battle back in Wc3. I just find it was so fucking cool.
I know I’ve seen it mentioned around this sub a few times and I decided to make an actual post on it to open discussion if the community would like to see that or not.
Share me your thoughts, do you want a PvP battle? Do you not? Tell me why ! Or why not !
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2021.12.04 02:11 Vix_maly More cookie ocs

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