27 M.. Shall we be friends and talk about today?

2021.12.04 02:37 SuperBoltz21 27 M.. Shall we be friends and talk about today?

Hello subredditors! Fairly bored tonight but I wouldn’t mind chatting it up for awhile. Maybe start a new friendship or something along the lines of those. My interests are video games, movies, music, sports and traveling! Hopefully one of you will send me a message.
I’m also a friendly person and easy to get along! I don’t mind messages from anyone, just as long the conversation is going somewhere lol
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2021.12.04 02:36 piklu Why are Indians like this!!

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2021.12.04 02:36 RJBela Why I NEVER returned after meeting the Slenderman - Creepypasta

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2021.12.04 02:36 EC4U2C_Studioz Rewards not working despite attempting the set multiple times. Streak could be at risk due to this.

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2021.12.04 02:36 LowKey6534 Testing

I just took a ura test Thursday, I have had a couple beers tonight. If I get tested maybe Monday would I be cool. I don't think I'll be tested but just precious
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2021.12.04 02:36 ogjwe23 Unable to look around after update.

Title. Since downloading the latest update I can no longer look around left or right for some reason. I can look up and down along with being able to walk forward, backwards, left and right. I have reset all my keybinds and controls to default with no lucky. Tried restarting my pc also no good. And it isn’t my mouse as it works fine with other games cod, farcry, etc.
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2021.12.04 02:36 HrishiDere K.G.F: Chapter 1 (2018)

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2021.12.04 02:36 RandomOperations Xbox one controller disconnecting

I am having an issue playing Hades with the xbox one controller, this didn't start happening till recently, granted I never used controller much on the pc till recently with DAI and Hades, controller will randomly disconnect and straight up refuse to reconnect, it'll blink, stay solid for about 2 seconds, and turn off again.
I have to restart steam, reconnect the controller and start the game over again, which doesn't do much for long as I can't even play for 30 minutes before it happens again. The controller doesn't disconnect at all if the game is not open.
It has fresh batteries and any non steam game that uses the controller works just fine, but when steam is open it screws everything up. yes, everything for steam controller support is disabled, and yes everything GFE is disabled, even gone as far as to completed close GFE (doesnt change anything).
anyone have this same issue? any tips? fixes? it would be great.
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2021.12.04 02:36 Current-Opinion3189 Shiiro fans need to face reality

This wouldn't be a deep rant, Since I want to say what I hate about Shiiro fans, so let's begin

So in that video Leo and Leona are being disrespectful to the headmasteprincipal and beating up I estimate 1/4 of the school, and ending the video is Suzie shocked on what her used to be friends turned into.
Since Shiiro fans are being Shiiro fans, they decided to blame Suzie{a victim of bullying} for making the twins do this actions.
Boi! Did they forget there mother taught them to use violence to handle conflict but they still blame Suzie..
And some decided to share their life story to defend the twins which just will make you a target of judgement if you do that... There's nothing good about what the twins did, they hospitalized 3 students and beat up 1/4 of the school, is that what a good person would do?! No!
So in the video Henry mostly neglected Charlie because of Sammy's condition,{which is still unknown because Shiiro never confirmed what kind of illness Sammy has}, in the end of the video Charlie is seen being happy with the Afton family and right in the very moment Shiiro decides to show Elizabeth being sad. Surely can everything be not about her? She isn't the only one suffering..
So in the comments Shiiro fans still see Charlie as a brat for not sharing or helping Elizabeth get along with her family.. Well Shiiro fans need to know what negligence can do to a person, especially if the person was neglected in a young age, obviously they aren't going to be like some happy pixie girl, no and yes I am aware Shiiro fans are probably children but it's still pissed me off what to don't know the consequences.. {and for people in this subreddit who are neglected hope you're doing okay}
Idk what I'm saying, I hope some of you aren't offended by this and forgive me for grammar mistakes
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2021.12.04 02:36 Beginning-Bass1470 SHIBADA | Stealth Launch | Don't miss the next Shiba Hype Token, ShibADA | ADA/SHIB Rewards | Huge potential Gains

BSC Token | With the hype of Shiba rising and the strong love for ADA, we combine the two in this epic adventure! Super low market cap gem with huge potential based off the name alone!
None of this complicated rebase token stuff were taking it back to simple rewards for loyal holders!
Utilities will be introduced on demand of the community! Listening to what everyone thinks is best!
About ShibADA 🐶
ShibADA is a frictionless yield generating protocol. All you have to do is hold ShibADA in your wallet. The holders are automatically rewarded Shib and ADA by holding. This is done by charging a 10% tax on all transactions. 7% will go to holders, while 1% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump and 2% goes towards marketing!
Perfect entry point after the first initial dip!
A couple details about ShibADA!
🐶 Total Supply:
🔒 Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Contract
🔥 10% Buy/Sell Tax
🚀 7% ADA Reflections!
🔒 1% Auto added to Liquidity
ShibADA is a community driven token lead by a based and safe dev!
Community Driven token, renounced owner ship and locked liquidity! What more can you want with a new Low MC Stealth Launch! Don't miss this hidden gem!
Liquidity lock for 3 year, increased at certain market caps!
Contract address: 0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc74b05b143ccb84f51f23383d6c94f903ff41e21#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x702EA7CD1c63437E93F90E083d2094dCf5862D14
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2021.12.04 02:36 Psychological_End697 Quiztiins ??

What are Answers following questions? Comprehension "Anne," cried Mary, still at her window, "there is Mrs. Clay, I am sure, standing under the colonnade, and a gentleman with her. I saw them turn the corner from Bath Street just now. They seemed deep in talk. Who is it? Come, and tell me. Good heavens! I recollect. It is Mr. Elliot himself."
"No," cried Anne, quickly, "it cannot be Mr. Elliot, I assure you. He was to leave Bath at nine this morning, and does not come back till to-morrow." As she spoke, she felt that Captain Wentworth was looking at her, the consciousness of which vexed and embarrassed her, and made her regret that she had said so much, simple as it was.
Mary, resenting that she should be supposed not to know her own cousin, began talking very warmly about the family features, and protesting still more positively that it was Mr. Elliot, calling again upon Anne to come and look for herself, but Anne did not mean to stir, and tried to be cool and unconcerned. Her distress returned, however, on perceiving smiles and intelligent glances pass between two or three of the lady visitors, as if they believed themselves quite in the secret. It was evident that the report concerning her had spread, and a short pause succeeded, which seemed to ensure that it would now spread farther.
"Do come, Anne" cried Mary, "come and look yourself. You will be too late if you do not make haste. They are parting; they are shaking hands. He is turning away. Not know Mr. Elliot, indeed! You seem to have forgotten all about Lyme."
To pacify Mary, and perhaps screen her own embarrassment, Anne did move quietly to the window. She was just in time to ascertain that it really was Mr. Elliot, which she had never believed, before he disappeared on one side, as Mrs. Clay walked quickly off on the other; and checking the surprise which she could not but feel at such an appearance of friendly conference between two persons of totally opposite interest, she calmly said, "Yes, it is Mr. Elliot, certainly. He has changed his hour of going, I suppose, that is all, or I may be mistaken, I might not attend;" and walked back to her chair, recomposed, and with the comfortable hope of having acquitted herself well.
From Persuasion by Jane Austen
Q1: Anne does not believe it is Mr Elliot whom Mary sees from the window because: A: Mary does not know what Mr Elliot looks like. B: Mr Elliot was to have left Bath earlier that day. C: it was highly unlikely Mr Elliot would be a friend of Mrs Clay. D: A and B together. E: B and C together.
Q2: Anne obviously knows Mr Elliot quite well for all the following reasons EXCEPT:
A: she has knowledge of his travel plans. B: she shows discomfort at Mary spotting him. C: she is sensitive to what the other ladies might know. D: she had been speaking about Mr Elliot to others in the room. E: Mary refers to Anne meeting Mr Elliot in Lyme.
Q 3: From what occurs it can be inferred that Anne: A: couldn't care less about Mr Elliot. B: had not known Mr Elliot long enough to recognise him. C: is attracted to Mr Elliot. D: is uncomfortable at Mr Elliot's behaviour E. C and D
Anyone answer this
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2021.12.04 02:36 thisismyburner420 3 Terminal 5 ticket (NYC) for sale

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2021.12.04 02:36 JCeenator the new(ish) tiles kinda work as right downward leading stairs :)

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2021.12.04 02:36 redditorlelreddit Being short and Asian is awful

Being Asian and 5’7 has to be a death sentence at this point, I’m not even joking. I’m even thinking about dropping out of engineering even though I’m doing great since I don’t see the point in even trying anymore. I look and feel like every other Asian dweeb on campus, so I have absolutely no sense of individuality. Even if I work out or have academic success, it’d just be clear that I’m compensating for my height and race. Very thankful for my parents hahahahaha, it’s already over.
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2021.12.04 02:36 IHOP_Fetish [POSITIVE] for /u/petitbleuchien [seller]

He was pretty punctual with the shipping and left a lovely note on the packaging. The items came packaged well and it was worth the cost. Would definitely buy from him again
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2021.12.04 02:36 Apprehensive-Goat-81 Misty Storm Wanderers (project Trevor Henderson)

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2021.12.04 02:36 AnonAlchemy Buying a PC at Micro center

I know this is a comminity to talk about building a Pc and not buying one, but my local Microcenter has the below Popwerspec PC (which means the Microcenter has build it) for $1299. Is this a good buy?
My budget excluding Monitor, keyboard and mouse is $1300. If I were to buy the parts and build it myself, would it cost less or worth my time in any other way? I’ll mostly use this to play games like CS-GO, Dota-2. Please let me know your thoughts
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7GHz Processor NVIDIA RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6 16GB DDR4-2666 RAM 500GB SSD 10/100/1000 LAN + WiFi 5 WLAN Windows 10 Pro
Motherboard ASUS B550M-A/AC Computer Case PowerSpec/Lian Li mATX 170M Glass Case Orientation Vertical Motherboard Chipset AMD B550
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2021.12.04 02:36 SerpentEagle77 4k@120hz via HDMI 2.1 doesn't work on macOS. Help us get Apple to fix it!

If you have a recent Mac with a Thunderbolt (USB-C) port, then you theoretically should be able to use an HDMI 2.1 adapter to connect to a 4k display at a 120hz refresh rate. However, it seems that macOS is limiting the maximum possible refresh rate to 60hz.
Ironically, I have heard that 4k@120hz does work on at least some MacBooks running Windows 10 via bootcamp! This means that the limitation may be macOS itself, and not the hardware.
Now, if you want to see this get fixed, then we'll need to get Apple's attention. This can be done by filing a bug report via Feedback Assistant. If you aren't sure how to do so, read this.
Thankfully, a user on the forum MacRumors has already submitted quite a detailed report of the issue to Apple. All you need to do is reference his report so that it can get more attention. Simply create a bug report and make sure to add the reference number FB9734589 somewhere in the report. Let's hope that Apple can get this issue fixed!
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2021.12.04 02:36 Neeeeerdinc Can’t start doomsday prep

I’m level 21 and I can’t start any of the doomsday prep help
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2021.12.04 02:36 adelsalhi 🚀 $FITR 🚀 💎 The World's first revolutionary marketplace for Health, Fitness, Beauty and Travel in trillion dollar $ mega industry 💎 📲 App & platform released. Team Doxxed 🔔 Sale Just LAUNCHED!

FITR ( Registered Company in Dubai )
After the successful launch of the IOS, Android and Website, it's time for the token $FITR to be released on the MYFITAPE platform 🚀
This will be the first professional business to launch a token that is ready to raise the bar in the BSC market 📈
We are presently conducting an early investor sale (private sale) to allow individuals to get $FITR tokens before we list on the decentralised exchanges (Pancake Swap). The token price will be set at BUSD$0.18 per $FITR Token.💰
FITR unique information: 🔥
7+ Doxxed Team on Website (experienced team)Mega marketing & 5 Year Vision (roadmap)Partnered with Billion Dollar Company (Emirates & Mednet Group & Protect Group)Signed Insurance dealSigned Influencer Marketing dealApp already releasedAn eco-system with multiple features plannedHuge early-on investment opportunities
🧿 What is FITR?
FITR is the first world's health, fitness and wellbeing platform with an already built platform on the BSC. We are a free to join platform that allows you to book around your lifestyle: Fitness (gyms, trainers and coaches), Health (massages, chiropractors, doctors, dentists), Wellbeing (salons, spas, travel, flights, experiences and hotels)
🧿 How much has been raised thus far in private sale?
Just launched! We're opening the early investment to join our journey early on with discounted rates of 70%. We're going big but limited to 500 participants.
🧿 When is the private sale ending?
We will be ending it in in the next few weeks as we in Q4 (November) we will be listing it on a popular DEX.
🧿 Dev doxxed?
100% and legally registered company in Dubai with Company Registration number available on website.
All company members are registered on the website.
🧿 How many of those wallets are going to be locked?
Approximately 80% of public supply, yearly supply drop of 100 Million tokens per year (Maximum of 400 million for Anti-whale system over 4 years) in circulation along with a 20% buy-back programme.
🧿 What is the point of entering the private sale?
Price of the token - mega marketing initiative for token launch and collaboration with influencers in both Crypto and mainstream media. The project for FITR is planning an explosive launch. Getting early on in the private sale ensure the price is fixed, stable and low.Additional ranks and access to new features (early stage investors only).Get the BETA access when FITR is open with new features and new services
🧿 Tokenomics 🧿
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000Private & Public Sale - 45%Liquidity Pool - 15%Loyalty, Rewards and Pool - 15%Research and Development - 2%Team - 4%Advisors 3%Operations 9%Marketing 7%
💎 Learn more about us below 💎
Website 🌐 : https://myfitape.com/fitr
Telegram 💬 : https://t.me/fitrworld
Launch Promo 🎥: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FBC004SCQE
Buy FITR 💎: https://token.myfitape.com
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2021.12.04 02:36 Godsman00 V PRemium Deck Suggestions Needed!

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2021.12.04 02:36 Basic_Stock **Get high with ELON, and forget all about ELON, or simply buy the dip..**

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2021.12.04 02:36 Legitimate_Unit_9210 Where were these students from Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do during the LaRusso house fight?

Where were these students from Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do during the LaRusso house fight? They were absent during the fight in the LaRusso home.

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2021.12.04 02:36 prettymuchalwayssad Pls help me pick my daughters middle name!

My bf and I have decided on Sophie, and since he ultimately chose her first name, I’m “in charge” of choosing her middle. I’ve been having a rly hard time doing so though.
Background: My middle name is my uncles name. (i.e. madison michael) I wanted to do the same thing with her, but my brother, my dad, and my bf have the same name. (i.e. sophie thomas)
I don’t know about having her muddle name be her fathers, uncles, and grandfathers name.
I thought Sophie Mae would be cute, but i’m still super undecided. Any opinions help!!
(trying to avoid any S names bc our last name starts with an S)
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2021.12.04 02:36 Myusernamesthis- could anyone help me tell what pen this is?? Little to no information about it or the company anywhere

could anyone help me tell what pen this is?? Little to no information about it or the company anywhere submitted by Myusernamesthis- to pens [link] [comments]