Which one of you bbc’d this chick?

2021.12.04 01:50 NaivelyUntraceable Which one of you bbc’d this chick?

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2021.12.04 01:50 longtimelurkeronhere For Bad QB League, what happens if your lineup consists of a QB who is out for that game?

As most know, the idea behind the Bad QB League lineup is to choose the worst quarterback in each tier. The better they do, the more negative points you receive. However, if I choose a player who is out, will I simply remain at 0 points? That seems like a net positive compared to someone who risks picking a QB who does well and gets negative points.
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2021.12.04 01:50 GoodOldPete [FREE FRIDAY] Here's a view of the high altar of my Minecraft Archiepiscopal Chapel, as promised

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2021.12.04 01:50 gildedrogue Who do you play hunt with?

I was going to ask about people's experience with random teammates but it occurred to me that a majority of people may not play with them that often
View Poll
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2021.12.04 01:50 WonderlandHacker DEB (D3B)

I think there might be another way to talk to Deb if the time ever arises. John Doe. He has been in contact with Deb before and he didn't have access to the server or the Apple II. Considering the S.P.I.R.E has been popping up way more and right now with Ben being cryptic and basically stonewalling, the team may need to get in contact with the only other living person with answers. Deborah. I know she is a grade-A manipulator and all but Matthais and the team may need her resources and knowledge. Even if she doesn't automatically give it up, the team may be able to use Ben against her. Rather if it's to have Ben become blinded by anger to confess/reveal something or with her being filled with guilt about Ben she may be willing to spill her guts about the S.P.I.R.E
-Wonderland Hacker
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2021.12.04 01:50 yosh711 "you can't hide from me forever human..."

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2021.12.04 01:50 Andick00 Metallica: Shawty Hit the floor/Apple bottom jeans(Early Lyrics Demo: Ju...

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2021.12.04 01:50 Anime-xbrother This dip tho…..

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2021.12.04 01:50 Domslayer922 I Wish Monica bellucci was the bond girl in Spectre/no time to die.

I love Monica bellucci she's a straight up goddess and fox of a woman at 57 years old. It's a damn shame she's barely in it. Her and Daniel Craig had great chemistry. She could've still done action scenes. she's in incredible shape would've been a lot better having her around in Spectre/NTTD. she's also 4 years older than Daniel Craig which is a good thing finally having a bond with a woman in his age range.
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2021.12.04 01:50 SynthWareYT Weird looking Coral looks like a Fish

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2021.12.04 01:50 Savia24 alguém pra tributar ou falar putaria de umas amigas minhas?

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2021.12.04 01:50 xponentialdesign Abandoned Departure Terminal | by Poppel

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2021.12.04 01:50 Darkray2000 🤣 somebody!!

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2021.12.04 01:50 UntroubledStranger I 28F am crushing hard on the friend 27M who drove me to the ER after my suicide attempt

About a month ago I attempted an overdose suicide and texted some things to my friend out of state that made her think I was rlly out of it, then she couldn't reach me when she tried to get ahold of me. I think she alerted a really nice friend of mine who took me to the ER about a month ago. They were really worried about me and it was a pretty upsetting experience for everyone involved. I think I've been doing a lot better since then because I got some ESAs and have started a successful round of antidepressants.
I've been hanging out a lot with the friend who took me to the ER and I'm really comfortable around him. He's kind of the shoulder in my friend group and is just the guy who's there for other people. We've gone out for dinner and spent time in eachothers rooms alone since I got back from commitment. Sometimes he says really nice things like "I'll visit you whenever you'll have me over", and he knows a lot about me. I'm crushing bad. Not in a sexual way, I just want to go on more semi date things and I really crave cuddles.
I know this might sound really romantic and y'all might be tempted to say go for it but I'm rlly cautious because I know I should be focusing on myself right now, and I don't want to put anyone in an awkward position in my life where I'm fragile and they feel stressed and careful around me. I'm not sure he's into me anyway and I don't want to make him uncomfortable
I'd like some ideas on ways I could take this, I have a couple already but please let me know what you think :)
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2021.12.04 01:50 MemeReserveBot Consider brushing ur teeth (by Cum_Recipient December 03, 2021 at 09:58AM)

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2021.12.04 01:50 RevolutionarySolid0 GUCCI Bike Thief Caught on Camera Stealing McDs Staff Bike from Capilano Mcds, June 5, 2021, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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2021.12.04 01:50 B3NEDET50 casual, in a soft way (vcv rack 2 ,model cycles ,volca sample ,volca fm , Volca keys , microgranny)

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2021.12.04 01:50 September_11_2001_Jr Want we wanted:

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2021.12.04 01:50 Durlaker_One For 2023 Casio should do a collab with the NHL

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2021.12.04 01:50 Shoe_Bum_ Money Money Money

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2021.12.04 01:50 Lenoxxle Spell to banish a stalker?

This guy has been harassing me for years & now is following me to my work and trying to get violent/physical. I don't know him at all, not even his name, but he is a neighbor down the street. I don't want to put all the details here and am not sure which route to go but I would appreciate any help. Thank you.
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2021.12.04 01:50 Spirited_Work_4997 🦆$DUCK🦆 👨‍💻 CG & CMS FastTrack Applied | 🚀 165k MarketCap | 690holders |Massive Marketing | Multiple influencers | Daily AMA |📱 BetP2E Game Beta Phase Launch |🏆 Multiple Competitions | 👨‍🎓NFT Minting Live Tomorrow 🖼

Our developers are working day and night to provide a magnificient staking ecosystem to provide the best APRs on the field.
🖼Purchasing Nfts 🖼
Our coin will let you Mint our Majestic Low Supply NFT Collection. there will only be 500pieces and their utility will be massive(Passive income,Early Access to our P2E Game, and also presale for our Virtual Land Auction). The value of the coin at the moment doesn't represent it's real potential. But as we launch all our developments we are confident that we can be a very strong competitor against coins like Shiba or Doge.
🕹P2E Game🕹
We will have a Alpha phase in mid december which will only be accessible by our very first holders and those who bought our Nfts. then in the 1st Quarter of 2022 the Game will be launched to the public and we are already in talks with multiple influencers to make sure our impact will be massive in the sector.
💱Exchange platform💱
Nowadays entering the cryptoworld is getting easier and easier but still there are big obstacles to overcome. That's why we are creating our own exchange platform to trade our Token and other cryptocurrencies too, this will have a massive impact because our data analysts are confident that this will allow even people that are new with the crypto world to buy our coin easily, therefore there will be a massive influx of liquidity, and the coin will skyrocket even more.
🎁Daily Giveaways🎁
We are hosting daily giveaway for the most active member of our Duck Community, we want to give everyone a chance to win, so don't miss the chance and have fun with us.
💰Multiple Competitions💰
Competitions are and will be a very important aspect of our community, it will make sure engagement stays high and people receive rewards for it. Multiple prizes will be given and will only benefit all of us. We want to have a community that perceives $Duck as their token and feels proud of owning it.
1 Billion Tokens Minted
10% Buy/Sell Tax
5% Marketing (which goes to the marketing wallet which is going to be used only for marketing related costs)
3% Liquidity
2% Holders
🚫🐳Anti Whale System in place
Max wallet 1%(10million tokens)
Max Transaction 1%(10million tokens)
Daily Updates from the developers on the ongoing of the project to make sure investors are always updated with the ongoing situation
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xedb9199ca0603a0149cab207e80410899a49ab07
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2021.12.04 01:50 ChateauBobby What is each AEW title’s worst reign so far?

Was just wondering what you guys consider to be each titles worst title reign so far. And I don’t mean it to mean each reign is bad per se, just which is the weakest so far.
For me, it might be:
AEW Championship: I guess Jericho?
Womens: Nylas reign, don’t really remember anything notable off the top of my head tbh, may be forgetting stuff
Tag: Sky and Kaz
TNT: Cody’s second reign
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2021.12.04 01:50 suspicious-7272 Me asomo por la ventana: mi bella Latinoamérica...

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2021.12.04 01:50 ThomasAceX I have ppto & a sufficient amount to cover my shift coming up.They didn’t take some of it for my last call in & im wondering how I can make sure that they do.I call Sedgewick & get a confirmation number right? How do I go about giving it to a TL though.

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